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Finance for non-financial managers

Finance for non-financial managers: Return on investment; Gross margin; Capex; IRR; Depreciation; P&L; Working capital; Turnover; we know most managers have heard about these – we also know that many do not know what they mean or how to use them to improve business performance. The very same managers who are being given more and more responsibility for financial performance.

Worried? We are!

So our approach to finance for non-financial managers, using simulation is to show people HOW to make finance work effectively, not just what the words and phrases mean. Starting with profit and loss (p&l), balance sheet and cash flow statements, we can use these to drill down to show how to identify risk and opportunity in such areas as cash flow, working capital, credit control, asset management, cost control, forecasting, margins or any other area of concern to your business. We can also use finance for non-financial managers at a project level to include investment appraisal, IRR, payback, discounted cash flow, also how to build a business case.