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Project Management

You don’t need to have a project management process in your organisation to benefit from simulation based project management training. People we work with tell us that pretty much every task can be done more efficiently by applying some of the standard project management ideas and tools. Of course, if you have a project management process, we can bring our expertise in many industries to deliver your project management training to complement your project management process.

But successful project management is not just about dependency networks and predecessors and successors and spreadsheets and estimates and contingency and timelines and Gantt charts and project software (although they help!) – successful project management is also highly dependent on great ‘soft’ skills like stakeholder management, conflict resolution, team dynamics, exercising influence without authority, communication, communication, communication. Project management simulations are a great way to help develop these skills to lead your projects to success.

Your project management training will be considerably enhanced by including these considerations. Register now to learn more from our Centre of Excellence.